When did you last have a health MOT?

Health MOT

Have you have been feeling really tired or not quite yourself? Perhaps you have achy joints or muscles? Whatever issue you have been experiencing, a health check will certainly help and give you peace of mind.

But regardless of symptoms like these, I would recommend having a health check annually. This can help with everything from identifying deficiencies in vitamin levels to highlighting conditions such as diabetes. A health MOT will provide a full overview of your current health and get to the root of any issues that you might be having.

By keeping a close eye on your overall health like this, we can then track any changes over time. Many conditions do not present symptoms until later, so having a health check enables us to spot any issues early on before they might develop into something more problematic.

Our full health MOTs check:

– Thorough medical history and examination.
– Skin check
– Blood pressure
– Urine test
– Blood tests (including cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, bone health, thyroid health, iron studies, PSA, blood counts, diabetes test and more)

– Additional tests as required – ECG, Stool tests, sexual health tests, DEXA scans, chest xrays and CT scans.

By having a thorough health check like this, you are taking a preventative approach and this in turn will help you to better understand and take care of your health going forward.

It can also allow you to discuss potential issues, introduce good behaviours and choices and identify any issues at an early stage. If anything should need further investigation following your health check, I will provide advice on the options and next steps or any potential treatment plans.

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