Consultations with Dr Stewart are very much tailored around the issue and the individual. Meaning that you can spend time being seen by the doctor in his consultation room, with no pressure or worry about taking up too much of “The Doctors time”. Here is an overview of our consultations and the time allocated to a particular issue or range of issues.

15 minutes – Ideal for those who know Dr Stewart well and have a single issue to discuss.

30 minutes – Suitable for issues such as headaches, fatigue, digestion problems, dizziness.

45 minutes – Perhaps you have several problems that you would like to get to the bottom of.

60 minutes – Multiple problems that require blood tests and ECG. Perhaps we can syringe your ears while here?


Home Visits

Can I see Dr Stewart at home? Absolutely!

​Not everyone can leave their home to come and see a GP. Dr Stewart will happily come and visit you at your home. Visits are offered to patients right across the Scottish Borders and Lothians.


Virtual Consultations

Work, live and play. See Dr Stewart remotely from wherever you are.

It is always possible to book a virtual consultation with Dr Stewart, meaning that you can speak to him wherever you are. Avoid having to take time away from work or when on holiday perhaps. Prescriptions for medications can be emailed to the local pharmacy nearest you.


What my patients say…

“I’d travel to see this man! He was an invaluable resource after my daughter was misdiagnosed for weeks, got her straight to hospital and complained on our behalf without being asked. The best GP I’ve ever had.”
“Dr Stewart was a pure gentleman. One of the nicest persons you could meet. Made me feel really relaxed and explained all other stuff that’s on offer. I got both knees done today. Steroid injections on both knees so I can enjoy my cruise. Thank you so much”.
“Dr Stewart is one of the best doctors I’ve ever seen, he was fantastic with our daughter and his service/manner was second to none. I would highly recommend him to anyone”.
“Your kindness, compassion and empathy have been and remain invaluable – thank you so much”.
“I would like to compliment you on your professional service when I have made an appointment with yourself. Your practice is very comfortable and your way with the patient is second to none. I have been made to feel at ease and reassured at every level. Although I am a registered NHS patient, given the severe pressure they are under at present I am happy to make my appointments with you on a private basis and will continue to do so”.