All consultation time with Dr Stewart is charged as per prices below. 
Dr Stewart cannot consult via email unless billing has been agreed beforehand. 

Clinic/Virtual Consultation including prescription

  • Up to 15 minutes – £75 (minimum charge for any consultation)
  • 15 to 30 minutes – £150
  • 30 to 45 minutes – £210
  • 45 to 60 Minutes – £230

Home Visit

  • Routine visit – £200 plus cost of travel​ time at hourly rate
  • Weekend/Evening Urgent – £250 plus cost of travel time at hourly rate

Repeat Prescription Issue

  • Monthly Repeat Prescription issue – £25*
  • Prescription (outwith consultation – £25

​*Please note pharmacies will charge an additional cost for medication AND dispensing.

Standard Services

  • DVLA Medical | £100
  • Joint Injections

    Assessment and Injection (in addition to consultation fee) | £160
    Additional injections | £50

  • Referral Letter/ Fit Note | £75
  • Power of Attorney | £160
  • Occupational/ Sport Medical/ Insurance | £160

X-ray/Labs and Blood Tests

Dr Stewart will only suggest using laboratory services if deemed essential. The indicative costs are listed below for common tests, not all tests are quoted here.

  • Well Man Blood Screen | | £230
  • Well Woman Blood Screen | ​£230
  • ​Diabetes Screen HbA1C | £100
  • Urine Microscopy and Culture | £110
  • QFit Test | £110
  • X-ray | Cost of investigations payed directly to hospital provider.

For other specific and individual tests please ask Dr Stewart for costs.

Monthly Payment Option 

A Monthly Payment Option is available

This would include repeat prescription management, consultations, home visits and an annual medical. Price is calculated on an individual basis. Please contact the clinic to discuss. 

There is limited availability for this service and is offered on first come first serve basis.


Do you want “your GP” to know your medical history so that you don’t have to keep repeating yourself? Dr Stewart will read your medical history and provide you with a summary and plan of how to improve your health.

This is a great starting point if you want Dr Stewart to really know you well. Charged at an hourly rate.

Cancellation Fees

The Clinic may request a late cancellation fee (if less than 24 hours notice) of £75.
Cancellation within 4 hours or failure to attend will incur full charge of booked time.

Pricing will be reviewed January every year.